Jakub Gliński
painter, audiovisual artists and experimental musician who utilizes in his creative process the dense abstract expressionist aesthetics of „trash and error”. The form of his art evolved to become a monodrama and performance in which Jakub disposes of his emotions. The most important part of his art is the process itself which is mostly based on intuitive behavior. In his paintings, he mostly utilizes trash from the industrial civilization. Often, he builds a painting only to dispose of most of it later and cover it with more layers, sometimes six or seven.

He also created project under the names: Jesus Is A Noise Commander, Too Empty To Poo, Jakub Gliński & PURGIST, KURF, BOOM FOR GABBA, Cocaine Is Everything, Igenn Xew, Space Monkeys.


Jakub Gliński & PURGIST
it’s a spectacular show that provides viewers with a strong audiovisual experience. It combines two opposing fields of art – painting and music. Jakub Gliński – the painter – creates a painting that is connected to contact microphones which collect vibrations from each movement that he makes on the canvas. The vibrations are then „processed” by PURGIST – the experimental musician – which he uses to create industrial and noise musical landscapes.




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2017   Spektakl PIXO at Komuna/Warszawa // Warszawa (performance)
2017   Koledzy z klasy at 9/10 Gallery // Poznań (group exhibition)
2017   Nienawidzę wszystkich at Arman Galstyan Gallery // Warszawa (group exhibition)
2017   Iamesh Ephemeral Art Meeting Vol 2 at Meet Factory // Praga, CZ (performance)
2017   Borderline Noise Festival at Atelier Wolimierz // Wolimierz (performance)
2017   Borderline Gallery at Atelier Wolimierz // Wolimierz (group exhibition)

2017   Wystawa autorska at Spółdzielnia Krzak // Warszawa (group exhibition)
2017   FLOW (finisaż „Syreny herbem twym zwodniczym”) at plaża nudystów w Wawrze (performance)
2017   PD /AR RAVE at ZetPeTe // Kraków (performance)
2017   Motława Flow vol. 2 at Stocznia Gdańska // Gdańsk (performance)
2017   Girlhood Tea Time at Lokal_30 // Warszawa
2017   Dziewczyństwo at Scena Robocza // Poznań (group exhibition)
2017   FLOW / The Return of the Catfish at Księgarnia/Wystawa Gallery // Kraków (group exhibition)
2017   Limbo at OiP // Gdynia (live painting)
2017   Zacieralia X Festiwal at Progresja // Warszawa (live painting w/NRK)
2016   Stracone pieniądze ministra. Galeria Kubeł ft. Jakub Gliński at Różnia Gallery // Warszawa (solo exhibition)
2016   Make Some Noise Festival // Warszawa (performance)
2016   DADA tak? tak! at Biała Gallery // Lublin (group exhibition)
2016   XI Aukcja Charytatywna „Ziarno Sztuki – Ogród Nadziei” at Muzeum Narodowe // Warszawa (aukcja)
2016   Bałagan w pokoju at Różnia Gallery // Warszawa (solo exhibition)
2016   Toxicity at Oficyna Gallery // Poznań (group exhibition)
2016   Up To Date Festival  // Białystok (performance)
2016   Bel Etage 2016-2018 at Heimatland // Berlin, DE (performance)
2016   TRASH NOISE Express at Przychodnia Skłot // Warszawa (performance)

2016   WIZUALNE SPA at Blue Tower // Warszawa (group exhibition)
2016   HATI HATI HAT at Miejsce Projektów Zachęty // Warszawa (auction)
2016   HATI HATI HAT at Kersan Art Studio // Yogyakarta, Indonesia (group exhibition)
2016   HARSH ART FESTIVAL at Atelier Wolimierz (performance, solo exhibition)
2016   SOCIAL DESIGN FOR SOCIAL LIVING at National Gallery //Jakarta, Indonesia (group exhibition)
2016   IAMESH EPHEMERAL ART MEETING at Księgarnia/Wystawa Gallery // Kraków (performance)
2016   HATI HATI HAT at Księgarnia/Wystawa Gallery // Kraków (group exhibition)
2016   STILL LIVE at Layup Gallery // Gdańsk (group exhibition)
2016   PROCES // Białystok (solo exhibition on projectors)
2016   WYCHODZISZ TY CZY JA? at Spectra Art Space // Warszawa (solo exhibition)
2015   UP TO DATE FESTIVAL //Białystok (solo exhibition)
2015   FINISAŻ at Poligon Art Space // Warszawa (special solo exhibition and perfomance)
2015   ZABŁOCIE (..) at Zalubowski Gallery // Kraków (group exhibition, live painting)
2015   at Cueb Gallery // London, UK (group exhibition)
2015   at MÓZG Powszechny // Warszawa (live painting, group exhibition)
2015   at Wolno Gallery // Warszawa (group exhibition)
2015   at MÓZG Powszechny // Warszawa (solo eshibition)
2015   PROCES_2 at Teatr Powszechny // Warszawa (solo exhibition)
2014   at MÓZG Gallery // Bydgoszcz (solo exhibition)
2014   [SZT.UL,-] at MiTo Gallery // Warszawa (group exhibition)
2014   22. Audio Art Festival at Bunkier Sztuki // Kraków (live painting)
2014   ERROR\TRASH at Tubaza Gallery // Gdynia (solo exhibition, live painting)
2014   I urodziny Wolnych Torów at Wolne Tory TSA // Bytom (live painting)
2014   TRASH/ERROR at V9 Gallery // Warszawa (solo exhibition, live painting)
2014   Original Source Up To Date Festival // Białystok (live painting)
2014   Make Some Noise #2 at Przychodnia // Warszawa (live painting)
2014   Wschód Kultury – Plac Fest // Rzeszów (live painting, group exhibition)
2013   Original Source Up To Date Festival // Białystok (solo exhibition)